Connect to PEPPOL with Crossfire

Crossfire is a registered PEPPOL Service Provider and Access Point to allow you immediate access to all trading partners which exist on the PEPPOL e-Delivery Network.

For example, if you have a number of suppliers that use Xero, by accepting PEPPOL invoices into your system, every one of those suppliers could be doing electronic invoicing overnight.

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Why use PEPPOL?

The difference between PEPPOL and other standards such as EDI or API is that PEPPOL also defines the way in which the data is transmitted, not just the file formats. This ensures secure transport. It also requires transmission parties (called Access Points) to be registered with the OpenPEPPOL organisation, which gives them some credibility and helps ensure secure practices are followed. 

Right now in New Zealand, PEPPOL is largely about electronic invoicing. With MBIE driving it from the government, and Xero already demonstrating the delivery of PEPPOL invoices, we can see that PEPPOL will be the future of electronic invoicing in New Zealand.


Trust Crossfire for your PEPPOL integration

Crossfire Integration provides fully-managed integration services to connect you with your business partners. Our fully managed service makes integration quicker, cheaper, and easier for the companies we work with. We look after everything from the setup and configuration of new integrations to the ongoing monitoring and issue resolution, as well as the hosting, backups, and security.

The service offers an extensive network of global retailers, supply chain partners and software to which you can integrate with quickly. Crossfire Integration takes care of the set-up and configuration and is supported locally, in NZ and Australia.

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